Our primary service is to provide a loving and stimulating daycare for busy owners to go about their work and errands, guilt-free. We also offer boarding to clients of the daycare, unfortunately we do not provide boarding services to dogs unfamiliar to the pack or staff. Dogs are boarded crate-free (unless otherwise instructed) and get to snooze in the Cozy Room with a member of staff on site 24/7.

Daycare Rates

  • Single Day Visit:  $48
  • 5 Visit Package:  $235
  • 10 Visit Package:  $460
  • 15 Visit Package:  $675
  • 20 Visit Package:  $880
  • 50 Visit Package:  $2100

Half Day Rates

  • Single Half-Day Visit (up to 4 hours):   $35
  • 5 Half-Day Visit Package:  $170
  • 10 Half-Day Visit Package:  $330
  • 15 Half-Day Visit Package:  $480
  • 20 Half-Day Visit Package:  $620
  • 50 Half-Day Visit Package:  $1450


Do you need to head out of town? Maybe it is easier to rehouse your dog during a construction project? or perhaps your house guests have pet allergies? Whatever the reason we can provide a safe and loving place when it is difficult or inconvenient to have your dog at home.

Please Note: for safety reasons we do not board dogs unfamiliar to us, boarding is only available to our regular daycare clients.

Boarding Rates

  • Up to 7 nights:   $68 per night
  • Nights 8-14:   $66.50 per night
  • Nights 15 and up:   $65 per night

Additional Services

  • 20 Minute Neighborhood Walk: $14