PLAY Doggie Daycare take our staffing needs very seriously. In a traditionally very high turnover industry, we aim to build solid, long-standing teams so that, as an owner, you are regularly seeing familiar faces and can build relationships with the staff who will care for your dog. The majority of our staff have been with us for at least two years, and some since we first opened in 2012.

The staff are amazing here, so nice and so friendly…I love that they build relationships with the dogs.

-stephanie h.


Founder, Owner & Operator

Sarah decided to open PLAY Doggie Daycare in 2012. A native of England, her background had been in IT Marketing with managerial positions at ORACLE UK; establishing and operating Slater Graphic Design. Before that she trained and worked as an NNEB Nursery Nurse – the quintessential english Nanny! She is certified in animal CPR.


Facility Manager

Megan joined the team in Feb 2017, bringing her unconditional love of all dogs to the PLAY pack. Her heart is with Pits and she has been fostering pits through forgotten Dogs rescue since 2014.



 Anna joined PLAY in 2020 but has been working with dogs on and off for 15 years and in that time has gained experience in veterinary medicine, grooming, rescue/foster care and as well as plenty of years in pack management with large groups of dogs. Needless to say, Anna is exactly where she wants to be… surrounded by dogs!



Lynna joined PLAY in Jan 2018. With a passion and background in coaching youth boxing, Lynna is skilled in keeping the PLAY rabble in order! When not working with the dogs, Lynna can be found coaching at Cappy’s Boxing Gym, or hiking in the mountains with Mia, her 4-legged partner-in-crime.



Amiya is a born and breed Seattlite who has been surrounded by dogs her entire life. She has reared and trained her own blind dog since a puppy and her caring nature and patients are strong attributes that make her an essential part of our pack. Passions outside of the pack are reading, long drives and outdoor pursuits.   Amiya joined the PLAY team in April 2021.