“a home away from home to
romp, sniff and snooze”


Our primary service is to provide a loving and stimulating daycare for busy owners to go about their work and errands, guilt-free. We also offer boarding to clients of both locations, although boarding is only operated out of our Cherry St location. Dogs are boarded crate-free (unless otherwise instructed) and get to snooze in the Cozy Room at Cherry Street with at least one staff member on site 24/7.

Leo and Johnny Cash


Daycare is a blast! Drop your dog off when you need, and collect them later after they have ran, sniffed, scampered, splashed, napped, wrestled, etc. Our rufferees monitor and referee fun and fair play knowing when rambunctious levels need checking or if a nap time is needed.

Daycare Rates:

Single Day Visit:  $40

5 Visit Package:  $195 ($39 daily)

10 Visit Package:  $380 ($38 daily)

15 Visit Package:  $555 ($37 daily)

20 Visit Package:  $720 ($36 daily) +1 walk

50 Visit Package:  $1700 ($34 daily) +2 walks

Half-Day Rates:

Single Half-Day Visit (up to 4 hours):   $28

5 Half-Day Visit Package:  $135

10 Half-Day Visit Package:  $260

15 Half-Day Visit Package:  $375

20 Half-Day Visit Package:  $480

50 Half-Day Visit Package:  $1150

Goose Lounging in the Pool


Do you need to head out of town? Maybe it is easier to rehouse your dog during a construction project? or perhaps your house guests have pet allergies? Whatever the reason we can provide a safe and loving place when it is difficult or inconvenient to have your dog at home.

Please Note: for safety reasons we do not board dogs unfamiliar to us, boarding is only available to our regular daycare clients.

Boarding Rates:

Up to 7 nights:   $58 per night

Nights 8-14:   $56.50 per night

Nights 15 and up:   $54.50 per night

Additional Services:

20 Minute Neighborhood Walk: $14