PLAY on Cherry is a fun and friendly neighborhood daycare for your family dog to run, romp, scamper, wrestle, sniff, snooze and cuddle. We have approx. 1400sqft indoor space including 'the barn' and the 'cozy room', and approx. 2000sqft outdoor yard. The space can be divided up to create separate play areas. We build different structures everyday for the dogs to lounge on and scamper through in their games of chase. We make time for toys, fetch and naps to ensure they come home to you happy and tuckered out - they have a blast!

Daycare is a blast... drop your dog off when you need to and collect them later after they have ran, sniffed, scampered, fetched, paddled, splashed, napped, wrestled etc... with their new daycare friends. Lisa, Cesira, Anthony, Sarah and Weston monitor and referee fun and fair play knowing when rambunctious levels need checking or if a nap time is needed. Romp room, toys, friends and comfy beds... it's a dog's life at PLAY!

FULL DAY Packages

                                1st Dog - 35% discount for 2nd family Dog
Single daycare         $34    
5 Visit Package        $165 ($33)
10 Visit Package      $320 ($32)
15 Visit Package      $465 ($31)
20 Visit Package      $580 ($29)    incld 1 neighborhood walk
50 Visit Package      $1300 ($26)  incld 2 neighborhood walk

HALF DAY Packages

                                1st Dog - 35% discount for 2nd family Dog
up to 4 hours           $22
5 Visit Package        $105
10 Visit Package      $200
15 Visit Package      $285
20 Visit Package      $340
50 Visit Package      $775

Daily payments taken at time of service. Package payments taken in advance. Packages DO NOT expire.

Do you need to head out of town? Maybe it is easier to rehouse your dog during a construction project? or perhaps your house guests have pet allergies? Whatever the reason we can provide a safe and loving place when it is difficult or inconvenient to have your dog at home. Please Note: for safety reasons we do not board dogs unfamiliar to us, boarding is only available to our regular daycare clients.

                     1st Dog - 35% discount for 2nd family Dog
Up to 7 nights   $48
Nights 8-14       $45
Nights 15+        $41

Holiday boarding will incur an additional $20 flat fee.
House food - grain-free, sensitive tummy brand - $3 meal


Neighborhood leash walk… $10 (daycare clients only - especially recommended for dogs boarding 4 or more nights)
Training Walk with Cesira... $25 Cesira is our CPDT trainer who can help with additional training to hone those leash skills and manners. Minimum 20 min walk.
Taxi Service… Provided by Walkin' the Dog, call Stacy Colman 206-722-7139
Dog Walkers…

Walkin' the Dog, Stacy Colman 206-722-7139
Zen Dog Walkers, Matthew von Itter, 408-605-9115
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