If you would like your dog to join the fun at PLAY Doggie Daycare, please read our Policies & Requirements before filling in and submitting the application form at the bottom of this page.  Please note that all applicant dogs must first be evaluated before being accepted. A staff member will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your dog to visit us for their evaluation. An Application Form must be completed and submitted prior to Evaluation date. If you have questions before applying, please email...

PLAY on Cherry at 
bark@playdoggiedaycare.com, or call 206 209 8238
PLAY on the Hill at woof@playdoggiedaycare.com, or call 206 451 3414


The purpose of PLAY Doggie Daycare (PDD) is to provide a secure, stimulating, healthy and convenient daycare service to dogs and their owners, so that dogs can receive the attention and exercise they need, allowing owners to conduct their day-to-day life without the guilt or worry that they are not providing the very best for their dog and friend.

Monday to Friday, 7am-6:30pm at Central District location
Monday to Friday, 7am-6:30pm at Capitol Hill location
Saturday 8:30-6pm at Central District location only. Capitol Hill dogs welcome to join the Saturday fun at PLAY on Cherry.
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Reservations can be made daily, weekly or monthly. Establishing a regular routine is encouraged to help dogs feel settled in the daycare environment and to help staff prepare for each day.

Last minute drop-ins are accepted for existing clients only. Calling ahead of time is recommended to ensure there is space available.

Dogs must be picked up no later then 6:30pm at PLAY on Cherry and 6:30pm at PLAY on the Hill. Late pickups will be charged at $1/minute. Without good cause and prior notification pick up is unavailable after 6:45pm, dogs will boarded and regular overnight fees charged in addition to late fees.

All dogs must attend an evaluation session before being accepted. These sessions typically last around 20 mins and allow PDD staff to assess the dog’s suitability for daycare. The new dog will be introduced to some of the different personalities of existing PDD dogs in a controlled environment. Staff will be looking for signs of excessive nervousness or discomfort with the environment, ability to share and interact with good dog manners, any aggression or guarding issues. Owners are asked not to remain on the premises while the evaluation takes place. Two members of staff will conduct the evaluation and both must agree that the dog is a good candidate. An application form (below) must be completed prior to arriving for Evaluation.

For acceptance into PDD…

  1. dogs 7 months and older must be spayed or neutered
  2. be up-to-date and have proof of vaccinations for DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies
  3. free of fleas, and clear of any illness for at least 30 days

Non-aggressive: It is very important that dogs are non-aggressive toward both dogs and humans and owners will be asked to certify that their dog has never harmed or aggressively intimidated another animal or person.

Barking: PDD has both commercial and residential neighbors who we wish to be considerate of. Normal barking behavior is to be expected, but dogs demonstrating excessive, obsessive or uncontrollable barking that cannot be resolved with standard methods will be asked to 1) seek professional training before being allowed to return to daycare, or 2) find alternative daycare options.

Important: Due to the especially public location of PLAY on the Hill, attempts will be made - within reason - to keep barking to a minimum. It will be at PLAY's discretion whether a dog's barking is not a good fit for the location.

For the well-being of all our charges and for the peace of mind of their owners, PDD has a zero tolerance for any aggressive, intimidating,  or high-maintenance behavior. That said, while we are not a training facility, we are prepared to work with dogs that may have minor adjustment or non-aggressive behavioral issues.  A dog whose behavior continues to be deemed unacceptable will be asked to make alternative care arrangements for their dog. It will always be the prerogative of PDD to determine which dogs are a good fit for PLAY Doggie Daycare.

Staff at PDD recognize that ultimately, a dog is an animal, with animal instincts. While rare, we understand that even the most docile and mellowest dog can unpredictably get ticked off enough to show some level of aggression, whether it be barking, snarling, nipping or biting. Any incident at PDD will be documented and assessed by the staff taking into account behavior and environment leading up to the incident, character of the dogs involved and the severity of the incident.

Owners will be immediately notified if their dog receives or causes an injury while at PDD.

All veterinary bills are the responsibility of the owner. Owners must sign a Hold Harmless waiver before their dog can be accommodated at PDD.

03/01/2012 subject to review at any time


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How long have you owned
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Has your dog attended
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Has your dog ever bitten or demonstrated aggression/intimidation toward
another animal or human?:
If yes, please explain circumstance:
Does your dog have any obsessive,
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